DIY Lick and Shine for Silver


I found this awesome cake stand at a thrift store this summer in Toledo Bend Louisiana. It was only 25 bucks so snatched it up. As soon I got home I cleaned it with an old trick my mom taught me. The results were fabulous. It made the perfect piece for the center of my party. All you need to restore silver is baking soda and water. You may also want to grab an old tooth brush and some rags. Mix the baking soda and water to make a paste. Spread the paste all over the item you wish to restore. There is no method to this madness just make sure to leave the combination on for about an hour. Once the combination has been sitting wipe it off with the rags. Wet the rags as needed and use a toothbrush to get any small areas. Repeat the process as necessary.

IMG_1341This was the cake stand before the upgrade, the tarnishing made it look dirty. Now it’s fresh but still antique and I can’t wait to use it for all of my parties to come.



This weekend I had the best engagement party! My family and friends hosted a party for my fiancé and I. In true cajun style everybody pitched in and brought something to eat or drink. My friend got all the ingredients to make some delicious drinks. I helped her with my personal favorite-Sangria! This drink is a crowd pleaser, it went so fast that I couldn’t get a picture of it full.

This recipe makes a party sized amount of sangria, but if you want a smaller batch you can divide the recipe into three. You will need a wine opener, a tablespoon measuring cup, a large bowl, a mixing spoon, a cutting board and a knife.


  • 6-8 oranges
  • 3-4 lemons
  • 3 bottles of red wine. (I used Kendall Jackson Merlot)
  • 3 tablespoons of Grenadine
  • 3 12oz cans of lemon-lime soda
  • 3 tablespoons of frozen lemonade concentrate
  • 3 tablespoons of frozen limeade concentrate

First chop all of your oranges and lemons into tiny slices. Watch out for seeds! After all of your fruit is cut, store in Ziplock bags and freeze overnight. This will make your sangria cold without using ice and watering it down.

Pour all of your liquids in a large bowl. I did the wine first to make sure my bowl was big enough for all three bottles. Remember you need to leave room for stirring.

Next add three tablespoons of each of the following: frozen lemonade, frozen limeade and grenadine.

Chill the mixture overnight. When ready to serve combine the liquid and fruit slices in a punch bowl or pitcher.

Pics On Pins

photo 3-5

I love using this simple trick to display multiple small images. This easy banner creates a fun way to show pictures with out buying frames.

I used a bunch of the small pictures cut out from my gallery art book, but you can also print pictures online or use 4×6 photos. All you need is: string of any kind, tape to hold the string, and of course clothes pins. Cut the string as long as you would like your banner to be. You can place your pictures as close or far apart as you want. I like to alternate the orientation of my pictures to give the banner an artsy look. These banners also make great personalized party decorations! With the holidays around the corner this is a cute and inexpensive way to hang up Christmas cards or family pictures.

Canvas Recycle

I made this cute little canvas for my bathroom this weekend from an old broken canvas I had lying around.

My idea all started from this awesome book of prints. I found it at Marshalls for only $4.99, but they can also be found at Hobby Lobby and Micheals. They are designed with a bunch of coordinating prints with different sayings and different sizes. I used the 11×14 print because it was the same size as my canvas. This diy also works with photos!

My canvas is about 2 years old with a hole right in the middle, which is perfect for remodeling because the whole thing will get covered up.

Start by painting the edges of the canvas. I chose dark gray for my edges to play up the dark grey words on my print. Let the paint dry and then paint a coat of Mod Podge over the top of the canvas. The coat should be thick enough to stick the print to the canvas, but thin enough so it won’t drip off of the canvas.

Center the print onto the canvas. make sure the picture does not overlap the canvas on any of the edges. use your hands to smooth the print onto the canvas. Make sure to get out any bubbles. when starting out, it helps to flip the canvas over and press the picture from the inside of the canvas. Once the picture is in place, add another coat of Mod Podge on top.

Allow the glue to dry overnight and then place your finished canvas on a wall or easel. I chose to put mine on an easel in my bathroom so that I could see this sweet quote everyday and be reminded of the love I have for my fiancé.

Wood Sign (work in progress)

photo.PNG 2

My parents had this great rustic looking floor board left over from redoing their house. It is the perfect size for a wood sign. I found a quote and a font that I liked and printed it to uses as a guide. I tried tracing the letters super hard with a pencil to make an outline but the board in too thick. Then I tried free handing the letters, but it is not the neat, clean look I was going for. If any body has and suggestions on how to paint words on wood please comment under this post!

Drill Bit Pumpkin

photo-4 2

Cajun ingenuity at it’s finest. Halloween is over:( But I could not bring myself to throw away my pumpkin just yet. I always like to do something a little different with my pumpkins. (One year I even carved a watermelon) This pumpkin “carving” was done with my future father-in-law’s drill a large pumpkin. At first I tried to drill my holes in a pattern, buttttttttt this project is super messy so I ended up drilling holes everywhere.

  • Clean the pumpkin guts out like normal
  • Drill as many holes as your heart desires
  • Clean out the pumpkin again
  • Add a candle

CAUTION: There will be pumpkin pieces everywhere! I wish I had a picture to show but I did not have my phone handy the day I carved it. This picture was taken afterwards when all of the pumpkin was cleaned up. My suggestion would be to put down a tarp to catch some of the pumpkin bits! Do not attempt this project inside.

Chalk Paint Pot


Chalk paint is great for so many crafts! It has been around for the last couple years and is the ideal paint for all surfaces. I had some Annie Sloan chalk paint left over in the color Paris Grey from a previous project. The quarts of paint are a little over 30 dollars, but they last FOREVER! The brush is also Annie Sloan, but any paint brush will work.


I decided to give my little pot a makeover. The plant that was in it recently died, so it was the perfect time to redo it. The pot is just a cheap little plastic one that my plant came in. The chalk paint will work on any old pot you have!


All I did was quickly brush the pot with one coat of chalk paint. I dabbed a tiny bit of paint on my brush every so often to get a  look. I loved the way it came out, and I can not wait to get a plant for it. This paint really works on anything!

Lemon Trick


We Cajuns love our seafood! My mom and I ate some delicious boiled crabs this weekend! Anytime you eat seafood in a restaurant ask the waitress/waiter for a piece of lemon after. Squeeze the lemon juice all over your hands. The juice will reduce the majority of the stinky smell that lingers on your hands!

Polka Dot Pumpkin


Fall is in the air, and everybody is obbsessing over pumpkins! South Louisiana is known for it’s hot and muggy weather. But, this past weekend we were blessed with chilly weather that put all of us cajuns in the fall mood. I jumped on the pumpkin bandwagon and made this simple little polka dot pumpkin. You can use any size pumpkin, and any size helper! This is a great project for kids to help with because cotton swabs make easy to use paintbrushes for tiny fingers.


First things first-pumpkin picking. I found my pumpkin at the grocery store in a huge bin of mini pumpkins  My next pumpkin will definitely be from a pumpkin patch. Theres just something about roaming around a brisk pumpkin patch looking at every single pumpkin until you find the perfect one. I also used gold metallic paint, white matte paint, a paintbrush, and a handful of cotton swabs.


Start by painting the entire pumpkin gold. I used Testors enamel paint in metallic gold. Allow the pumpkin to dry for about 30 minutes.


Next dip the end of the cotton swab in white paint. I used Master’s Touch acrylic paint in milky white. For my polka dots I try to follow somewhat of a pattern so that there is a dot in every spot. I start with a single row of dots as evenly spaced as I can.  •   •   •   •   •   •   •  Then I start a row underneath and line up the dots in-between the dots above it. •   •   •   •   •   •    This usually works for me but messy dots are just as cute!