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Welcome Y’all,

I was raised in the great state of Louisiana, but more specificially in a small town named Houma. When I first tell people where I am from, they all ask the same question, “Where’s Houma?” ┬áHouma is about an hour south of New Orleans. It is a place full of bayous, cypress trees, and good ole cajun cooking. I grew up with a wonderful family. We always believed in full tummies, good manners, and Jesus Christ.

Like most Cajuns we also believe we should never waste anything. My grandma cooks huge pots of food and invites the whole family over to her house, when its time for everyone to leave you can expect to go home with a butter dish of gumbo or a cool whip container of white beans. I have watched the people in my family reuse, repurpose, and recycle things for years.

Now I am carrying on the tradition, but with a little twist. I want the things I repurpose and create  to be a reflection of the beauty that surrounds South Louisiana.