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5 Ways To Use Burlap This Fall

Nothing says cajun like a little burlap! Over the last couple of years burlap has become a huge home decorating trend. When used in moderation burlap can add the perfect cajun touch. Here are 5 ways it can be used this fall.

Chalk Paint Pot


Chalk paint is great for so many crafts! It has been around for the last couple years and is the ideal paint for all surfaces. I had some Annie Sloan chalk paint left over in the color Paris Grey from a previous project. The quarts of paint are a little over 30 dollars, but they last FOREVER! The brush is also Annie Sloan, but any paint brush will work.


I decided to give my little pot a makeover. The plant that was in it recently died, so it was the perfect time to redo it. The pot is just a cheap little plastic one that my plant came in. The chalk paint will work on any old pot you have!


All I did was quickly brush the pot with one coat of chalk paint. I dabbed a tiny bit of paint on my brush every so often to get a  look. I loved the way it came out, and I can not wait to get a plant for it. This paint really works on anything!

Lemon Trick


We Cajuns love our seafood! My mom and I ate some delicious boiled crabs this weekend! Anytime you eat seafood in a restaurant ask the waitress/waiter for a piece of lemon after. Squeeze the lemon juice all over your hands. The juice will reduce the majority of the stinky smell that lingers on your hands!

Polka Dot Pumpkin


Fall is in the air, and everybody is obbsessing over pumpkins! South Louisiana is known for it’s hot and muggy weather. But, this past weekend we were blessed with chilly weather that put all of us cajuns in the fall mood. I jumped on the pumpkin bandwagon and made this simple little polka dot pumpkin. You can use any size pumpkin, and any size helper! This is a great project for kids to help with because cotton swabs make easy to use paintbrushes for tiny fingers.


First things first-pumpkin picking. I found my pumpkin at the grocery store in a huge bin of mini pumpkins  My next pumpkin will definitely be from a pumpkin patch. Theres just something about roaming around a brisk pumpkin patch looking at every single pumpkin until you find the perfect one. I also used gold metallic paint, white matte paint, a paintbrush, and a handful of cotton swabs.


Start by painting the entire pumpkin gold. I used Testors enamel paint in metallic gold. Allow the pumpkin to dry for about 30 minutes.


Next dip the end of the cotton swab in white paint. I used Master’s Touch acrylic paint in milky white. For my polka dots I try to follow somewhat of a pattern so that there is a dot in every spot. I start with a single row of dots as evenly spaced as I can.  •   •   •   •   •   •   •  Then I start a row underneath and line up the dots in-between the dots above it. •   •   •   •   •   •    This usually works for me but messy dots are just as cute!