Drill Bit Pumpkin

photo-4 2

Cajun ingenuity at it’s finest. Halloween is over:( But I could not bring myself to throw away my pumpkin just yet. I always like to do something a little different with my pumpkins. (One year I even carved a watermelon) This pumpkin “carving” was done with my future father-in-law’s drill a large pumpkin. At first I tried to drill my holes in a pattern, buttttttttt this project is super messy so I ended up drilling holes everywhere.

  • Clean the pumpkin guts out like normal
  • Drill as many holes as your heart desires
  • Clean out the pumpkin again
  • Add a candle

CAUTION: There will be pumpkin pieces everywhere! I wish I had a picture to show but I did not have my phone handy the day I carved it. This picture was taken afterwards when all of the pumpkin was cleaned up. My suggestion would be to put down a tarp to catch some of the pumpkin bits! Do not attempt this project inside.

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