Canvas Recycle

I made this cute little canvas for my bathroom this weekend from an old broken canvas I had lying around.

My idea all started from this awesome book of prints. I found it at Marshalls for only $4.99, but they can also be found at Hobby Lobby and Micheals. They are designed with a bunch of coordinating prints with different sayings and different sizes. I used the 11×14 print because it was the same size as my canvas. This diy also works with photos!

My canvas is about 2 years old with a hole right in the middle, which is perfect for remodeling because the whole thing will get covered up.

Start by painting the edges of the canvas. I chose dark gray for my edges to play up the dark grey words on my print. Let the paint dry and then paint a coat of Mod Podge over the top of the canvas. The coat should be thick enough to stick the print to the canvas, but thin enough so it won’t drip off of the canvas.

Center the print onto the canvas. make sure the picture does not overlap the canvas on any of the edges. use your hands to smooth the print onto the canvas. Make sure to get out any bubbles. when starting out, it helps to flip the canvas over and press the picture from the inside of the canvas. Once the picture is in place, add another coat of Mod Podge on top.

Allow the glue to dry overnight and then place your finished canvas on a wall or easel. I chose to put mine on an easel in my bathroom so that I could see this sweet quote everyday and be reminded of the love I have for my fiancé.

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