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Canvas Recycle

I made this cute little canvas for my bathroom this weekend from an old broken canvas I had lying around.

My idea all started from this awesome book of prints. I found it at Marshalls for only $4.99, but they can also be found at Hobby Lobby and Micheals. They are designed with a bunch of coordinating prints with different sayings and different sizes. I used the 11×14 print because it was the same size as my canvas. This diy also works with photos!

My canvas is about 2 years old with a hole right in the middle, which is perfect for remodeling because the whole thing will get covered up.

Start by painting the edges of the canvas. I chose dark gray for my edges to play up the dark grey words on my print. Let the paint dry and then paint a coat of Mod Podge over the top of the canvas. The coat should be thick enough to stick the print to the canvas, but thin enough so it won’t drip off of the canvas.

Center the print onto the canvas. make sure the picture does not overlap the canvas on any of the edges. use your hands to smooth the print onto the canvas. Make sure to get out any bubbles. when starting out, it helps to flip the canvas over and press the picture from the inside of the canvas. Once the picture is in place, add another coat of Mod Podge on top.

Allow the glue to dry overnight and then place your finished canvas on a wall or easel. I chose to put mine on an easel in my bathroom so that I could see this sweet quote everyday and be reminded of the love I have for my fiancé.

Wood Sign (work in progress)

photo.PNG 2

My parents had this great rustic looking floor board left over from redoing their house. It is the perfect size for a wood sign. I found a quote and a font that I liked and printed it to uses as a guide. I tried tracing the letters super hard with a pencil to make an outline but the board in too thick. Then I tried free handing the letters, but it is not the neat, clean look I was going for. If any body has and suggestions on how to paint words on wood please comment under this post!

Drill Bit Pumpkin

photo-4 2

Cajun ingenuity at it’s finest. Halloween is over:( But I could not bring myself to throw away my pumpkin just yet. I always like to do something a little different with my pumpkins. (One year I even carved a watermelon) This pumpkin “carving” was done with my future father-in-law’s drill a large pumpkin. At first I tried to drill my holes in a pattern, buttttttttt this project is super messy so I ended up drilling holes everywhere.

  • Clean the pumpkin guts out like normal
  • Drill as many holes as your heart desires
  • Clean out the pumpkin again
  • Add a candle

CAUTION: There will be pumpkin pieces everywhere! I wish I had a picture to show but I did not have my phone handy the day I carved it. This picture was taken afterwards when all of the pumpkin was cleaned up. My suggestion would be to put down a tarp to catch some of the pumpkin bits! Do not attempt this project inside.

Chalk Paint Pot


Chalk paint is great for so many crafts! It has been around for the last couple years and is the ideal paint for all surfaces. I had some Annie Sloan chalk paint left over in the color Paris Grey from a previous project. The quarts of paint are a little over 30 dollars, but they last FOREVER! The brush is also Annie Sloan, but any paint brush will work.


I decided to give my little pot a makeover. The plant that was in it recently died, so it was the perfect time to redo it. The pot is just a cheap little plastic one that my plant came in. The chalk paint will work on any old pot you have!


All I did was quickly brush the pot with one coat of chalk paint. I dabbed a tiny bit of paint on my brush every so often to get a  look. I loved the way it came out, and I can not wait to get a plant for it. This paint really works on anything!

Mason Jar Vase

Football season is here. And while I am not the biggest football fan, I do enjoy a good football party! Saturday morning I stopped by the grocery store to get the ingredients for a dip I was making for the LSU game!

The first thing I saw when I walked in were all of these beautiful flowers!


I chose white hydrangeas because you only need a couple to make a great arrangement! I also picked some purple leaves from the flower bed in front of my house to add a little bit of color. Any flowers will do!

When I got home I stuck all of the flowers in a mason jar. We always have mason jars hanging around. They are perfect for so many things, especially vases! To add a little shabby chic touch I tied a burlap ribbon around the mouth of the jar.


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Oyster Shell Ring Dish


My wonderful fiancé proposed to me on March 13, 2015. After four and a half years of dating, and a long walk on the beach, he got down on one knee and popped the question! He got a big YES and I got a beautiful cushion cut solitaire ring.

One hundred seventy eight days later, and I finally have a jewelry dish my ring can call home. (When it is not on my finger of course!) I personally like to take my ring off when swimming, cleaning, or moisturizing.

You can make one too! All you need to start is: a good sized, bowl-shaped oyster shell. I got mine from a friend who came over with a sack of oysters to charbroil on the BBQ pit. But, you can easily ask your waitress for one the next time you eat at a cajun restaurant.

What you will need: 

  • Bleach
  • Warm water
  • Old toothbrush
  • Bowl
  • Towel
  • Enamel paint (I used the brand Testors in the color Metallic Gold)
  • Clear Polyurethane (I used the brand Minwax in Clear Gloss)
  • Paint brushes of your choice


1. Soak your oyster shells in a bowl of warm water with about a cap full of bleach. I left my oyster shells in the bowl overnight. You may need to use a toothbrush to scrub off dirt or oyster debris depending on how dirty your shell is.


2.Thoroughly dry the oyster shells.


3. Using a thin paintbrush, paint around the edges of your oyster shell. Allow paint to dry completely.


4. Coat the entire shell, front and back, with clear Polyurethane. This will give your shell shine and strength.


5. After the shell dries completely, fill with jewelry and enjoy!