DIY Christmas

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In this video I will show you the easy steps to make three different handmade Christmas Gifts.

Tis the season to be crafty! This Christmas give your friends and family a handmade gift or card.Making someone a gift as oppose to buying someone a gift is completely different. Making a gift is much more rewarding and sentimental.

Two years ago I received my first handmade gift as an adult. My friend made me personalized coasters with white tiles and pictures. She had gone through my old pictures and found ones from significant times in my life. When I opened the gift I was overwhelmed with excitement and the feeling of love. My friend taking her time to make a gift made me feel like she put time aside in her busy holiday season for me.

Since then I have been making homemade gifts for some of my family and friends. I like to dedicate a day to purchase all of my supplies. Once I have an idea about what I want to make and who I want to make it for I buy evertything at the same time so I can hurry home and start crafting! A lot of crafts can be made and bulk and put a huge dent in your christmas list. Last year I made jars with all of the ingredients to make cookies. I kept some extra jars in my car just incase I saw someone on Christmas day who I may have looked over on my list.

If you can not make homemade gifts this year, than try wrapping presents instead of using gift bags. A wrapped present looks like you took the time to make the persons gift look pretty on the outside and in.

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