Amanda Wells­ The Brains and Beauty Behind String Theory

String Theory is a jewelry company born and raised in Houma, Louisiana. It’s proud mamma is the wonderful Amanda Wells. Her business all started from one crafty idea on a saturday afternoon.

Amanda is married to musician Bob Wells and together they have three musically talented daughters. Her home is always filled with instruments playing and her loved ones singing. One saturday, a day off from her job as a nurse, Amanda decided to clean up. Living in a house full of musicians, there was always a stray guitar string laying around. She put all of the loose stings in a box in the closet.  While she would usually just leave them there, that day she decided she wanted to try to make something out of them.

She grabbed a couple of guitar strings, crystals and wire and started working with them until she had two bangle bracelets. She posted the picture of her craft on her personal Facebook page. People went nuts over it. On the first day, twenty seven people asked to buy them. Amanda was shocked by the response and decided to run with the it.

She says her real test was her three daughters opinions. When they all loved it she took the next step and decided to start selling them. Her sister, a gift shop owner, called her and asked her to bring over a dozen pieces to sell. The bangles sold quickly and sales reps were very interested in the product line.

According to feedback from social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, people of all ages love these bracelets. The bracelets are now sold in over 500 stores around the United States. The company also has a a website where bracelets can be purchased online.

Amanda and her daughter Hillary Wells, Nicholls State University Public Relations Graduate, keep tack of all of the social media and marketing that goes along with the business. They believe in answering as many comments as they can so they can keep customers happy and engaged with the product.

String Theory is an amazing example of how a craft can be inspired by every day life. Amanda has now been able to leave the hospital and pursue her passion for String Theory as her career. She attends market events in Atlanta, Dallas, and Las Vegas. This has given her the opportunity to meet people all over the country and sell her product.

Amanda takes pride in having no two bracelets the exact same. Every customer receives a personalized bracelet. Every single piece is a reflection of her love for crafts, music, people,and String Theory Jewelry.